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Price as Configured: $535.00

MSX Bottom-Up Smart Shade

Price as Configured: $535.00
Introducing the MSX Bottom/Up DIY Smart Shade! Bottom-Up smart shades have never been this DIY, nor affordable! Cover your windows from the bottom up to provide privacy while still maintaining the views above and letting the light in. Have beautiful views above and not so beautiful below? Our Bottom-Up shade will allow you to only show the good stuff! MSX puts the work in! Comes fully assembled with easy install templates for the both the bottom and top hardware. Bottom and top limits are preset!
  • Bottom Box Dimensions: 5 1/4" X 5 1/4"
  • Top Closed Channel Dimensions: 2 5/8" tall by 1" wide

**This labor-intensive product has a lead time of 7 to 10 business days to ship.

Build Summary

MSX Bottom-Up Smart Shade
  • Bottom Weight Bar: Seamed Hem Pocket
  • Fabric Direction: Off Back Of Roll
Price as Configured: $535.00
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