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Price as Configured: $550.00

MSX One Coupled

Price as Configured: $550.00
The MSX ONE Coupled™ is a decorative exposed roll coupled shade that comes with an easy install template making install as simple as possible. Our coupled shades allow you to cover a large span of windows or sliding doors while lessoning gaps between shades and avoiding paying for additional motors if not needed. In addition, you can avoid oversized freight shipping charges. Hardware comes in a variety of coordinated colors and finishes to choose from.

How to measure: Start by measuring the overall shade size desired from endcap to endcap, not the fabric but where the hardware of the shade will be. Enter that measurement in the "Overall Shade Measurement" section.

Then starting from left, measure from where the hardware starts, to where you want the center of your fabric break to be and enter this measurement in the "Center of Break" section. If you are ordering a coupled 3 on 1, measure again starting from the left where the hardware will start to the center of your second fabric break and enter that measurement in the "Center of Second Break" section. This is all we will need to make your custom coupled shade!

*Remember that Center of Break measurements cannot exceed 105" as this would mean it would need to ship freight. If needed, reach out for assistance.

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MSX One Coupled
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